Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winter blues are turning bright!

It has been a mild Winter, giving way to the beginning of an early Spring. This is wonderful, but gives me pause. Are we going to pay for this beautiful weather during the summer with rainier days or hotter temps? I hope not. I'd rather consider this a blessing and dive into the manure and soil with the same joy and wonder I've experienced in the past. I haven't setup a plan for the garden yet this year; but, expect we'll be using seedlings I'll be starting, as well as those purchased in local greenhouses.

It's always a thrill beginning the vegetable garden each year! The layout may change, but the anticipation always returns. Looking forward to seeing the first shoots pop up, the first beans on the vine, and the first tomatoes popping out for attention!

Another year of new starts!

Go ahead, dream those garden dreams!