Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ta-Da!! 1st Round Complete!

Look at these beautiful jars of canned tomatoes! My first batch this year, and more to come.

I'm so proud of myself:-) I decided that it was now or never, and took my eyes and fingers to the internet to find some canning videos. The local and remote canners are wonderful for sharing their process and secrets on video and taking the time to post so others (like me) can learn.

The two sites that helped me the most were: http://canningusasupplystore.com/recipes/, and You Tube (Canning Tomatoes). I'm surprised that with all these cooking shows, no one has featured any canning techniques and saving opportunities.

I'm now going to take on other canning and freezing challenges this fall to see how far I can stretch a dollar and the bounty of this New England Fall harvest. It will be a canning frenzy in my kitchen:-0))

Believe in the goodness of your garden!


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