Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Garden Begins Again:-)

The cold has finally paused for (hopefully) a long break! I'm now able to plant the ROMA tomato plants and herbs in the garden in preparation for a fall harvest and canning marathon.

Although I was hoping to start all my plantings from seedlings this year, we had too much on our plates (no pun intended) to setup a winter garden in our basement. We're hoping to get a little more time to do this next year.

So, this year we're starting with a limited number of tomato plants, and we'll backfill with the abundance of tomatoes grown by local farmers to reach capacity for our winter canning needs. These plants look good (they're actually a little dry this AM, but just gave them a decent soak till I can get them into the ground later today), and the herbs we're growing should add enough flavor and spice to the mix.

We're hoping to get more sunny, warm days than cloudy and cool ones this year. It will expand our growing season and give us some happy plants!

I hope all of you are getting your hands in the soil...


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