Monday, June 2, 2014

Peat Pots and potential risks to seedlings

Back from vacation. Nice to be away, but temps were still chilly at the seashore.

Once back home, I checked on the garden, which didn't look much different from when we left:-/ My husband and I pondered the situation, and an idea popped into his head - "Did you plant all of these in peat pots?" I had. He started digging each of them out of the garden with peat pots intact, and removed them from the pots. Lo and behold, these little seedlings were root bound! The roots were unable to make their way through the peat pot walls. As a result, the plants were stagnate while we were away.

As my husband gently removed each plant from their respective peat pot, he replanted them in the bed. I think they'll now be happy and grow. "Inch-by-inch, row-by-row, we're gonna make this garden grow..." (Pete Seeger)

Lesson learned: Peat pots may not always be seedling friendly. Watch for plant stagnation and take alternate action, if needed.

Happy gardening!


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