Monday, February 16, 2015

Basement Beginnings - Plans for 2015 garden

Well, we've been buried in snow this February, so thinking about a garden and warmer temperatures seems like I'm pushing a boulder uphill! But, thinking of warmer days helps to look forward. So, I'll imagine...

June 2014
First, I'll set up my basement to prepare for seed germination. This includes moving the growing tables in place, and confirming that the growing lights are still functional, move my growing trays in place, have appropriate water containers, tools and soil in place.

Once this is setup, I'll finalize my seed list for this year. My initial thought is to purchase the following seeds: parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuce, peas, bush beans, plum tomatoes, early girl tomatoes. I'll plan to purchase small eggplant plants (it's easier to have a growing plant).

I'll also make sure the watering barrels are ready to act as the supply for keeping the beds moist. We spent no money on water last year - it all came from the rain that fell in our area!

Finally, once the snow is no longer burying the bed, I'll purchase manure and garden soil to refresh the garden.

But, before any veggie beds are planted, I'll start germinating the seeds in the basement.

Ahhh...warmer weather.

Sweet dreams...


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