Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Garden 2015 - a new beginning!

Well, it doesn't look like much, but we have a plan and are starting our garden anew in 2015! Still very cool in New England with sporadic bursts of warmth, so we headed out to Lowes last weekend to buy manure, and a few different Spring seeds and pansies. The Spring seeds and pansies typically hold up well during these cooler Spring days and nights in the Northeast.

Tony was the great garden orchestrator, making sure the manure was incorporated into the soil properly, and ensuring that our water barrels were properly positioned and ready-to-go. I planted the pansies in the window boxes - on the porch railings - and designed the garden layout. Because my MS symptoms are impacting my balance, Tony was kind enough to plant the first batch of Spring snap peas following the layout I put together (you can see the area he watered below to give them a drink).

We decided not to plant seeds in the basement this year due to the long Winter and short growing season, so we'll be purchasing starter seedlings from Lowes and Home Depot. This year, we'll be planting lettuce, dill, tomatoes, green beans, eggplant and parsley. There should be enough room in the garden plot for all with enough sunlight and rain water.

I do love the garden! Each year it brings new surprises, and great tasty treats that we can enjoy right away, or freeze for the winter.

Go ahead, get your hands dirty!


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