Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Followup to my Canning Adventure in 2012...

So, I met the Canning challenge at the end of last summer, and we've been enjoying the canned tomato sauce throughout the cold winter months, using them as a spaghetti sauce, as a complimentary red sauce for chicken and chili dinners, and as a complimentary sauce to add to store-bought sauces and adjust flavors, as needed. It was a successful trial, and we're looking forward to doing it again this year!

I also had intentions of expanding my Canning trial to canned jellies, pears and beans, but ran out of steam last year. I'm hoping to to re-ignite my energy to accomplish these new challenges this Spring and Summer.

A couple of things I did learn from this experience was that Canning is not intended to be finished in a day; so, it's important to pace your Canning commitments and be gentle on yourself. Ask for help when you need a helping hand, and use your completed 'canned' work as a gift to other friends and neighbors who may welcome and enjoy the fruits of your labour. In the end, the dollars you save may not roll out into hundred-dollar-bills, but the quality and flavor of what you've created does put a smile on your face, and it does stretch the dollars you need to feed your family.

Enjoy this upcoming growing season! Stay tuned for more news about stretching your dollars, and enjoying 'home-made' treats.


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