Monday, April 8, 2013

Storing Homemade Soups

This weekend we made a wonderful lentil soup!

We knew this pot of soup would be more than we could eat in one meal, and we didn't want to be eating soup for the next 7 days, so the challenge was to identify the best method to use for storing soup for longer periods of time.

  • Canning was not an option: the amount of time and glass containers required were a little more than we had available. 
  • Freezing in freezer bags was also an option, but we didn't have enough on hand. 
So, I went online and found a great .com site that had pictures of each step in the soup storage preparation and freezing process, and it captured all the 'tip' information I was looking for. Just click on this: Soup Storage Site.

This site answered all the questions I had and gave a great picture representation of each step, and the pros, cons, and workarounds for freezing issues (such as freezer burn, leaking, etc.)

So, now our soup is neatly stored in the freezer with dates and soup type. Of course I saved a bowl for me to eat for lunch today! Yum...

Good luck storing your soups:-)


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